Frequently Asked Questions

Can Stretch-Tite® be used to freeze food?

Yes, Stretch-Tite can be used to freeze foods, but only for short-term freezing. Allow enough film to fold or overlap the ends, and make sure to wrap the item tightly, squeezing out any excess air before the ends are folded over and under the contents. Removing excess air reduces the development of freezer burn. We recommend freezing food for only up to two weeks when wrapped in plastic. For longer freezer storage, we suggest you use our Freeze-Tite® clear high-cling freezer wrap and double wrap the contents.

Where can I buy Stretch-Tite premium plastic food wrap?

Stretch-Tite is available throughout the United States in grocery stores, wholesale clubs, discount stores and other retail and online outlets, including our website. Please call or send us an email and we will locate the nearest store for you.

Do your products contain bisphenol A (BPA)?

No. Stretch-Tite, Freeze-Tite and our other food contact products do not contain bisphenol A (BPA).

What can I do to prevent losing the end of my Stretch-Tite and keep it from tearing when I unroll it?

When using Stretch-Tite, make sure that the wrap end remains outside of package and hangs over cutting edge after use, so the end is ready for the next use. Once the roll is restarted, be sure some of the wrap remains outside the box until the next use. Make sure film is oriented to roll from rear of box.

Can Stretch-Tite be used in the oven?

No, Stretch-Tite, as is the case with most plastic wraps, is not for use in conventional ovens, browning units, toaster ovens, or on stovetops.

What sizes do Stretch-Tite and Freeze-Tite Wraps come in?

Stretch-Tite comes in a 12” x 250’ (250 sq. ft.) size and a 12” x 500’ (500 sq. ft.) size. Freeze-Tite is available in 15” x 250’ (314 sq. ft.) size.

What are some of your food storage solutions?

Seals Tight
With its superior ‘stretch-to-seal’ quality, Stretch-Tite seals tightly to keep foods fresh and to prevent messy spills. Use Stretch-Tite for a tight stretch that seals over bowls and dishes to help keep all your refrigerated salads and desserts fresh until ready to serve.

Wrapping Leftovers
Stretch-Tite is ideal for wrapping and storing leftovers. The reliable cutting edge lets you cut a perfect piece of plastic wrap to fit a variety of bowls and containers. And, with Stretch-Tite’s tight seal, you lock in freshness so your leftovers are as delicious as the first time you served them.

Wrapping Food For Transport
Stretch-Tite stretches to form a tight seal and is the ideal solution for wrapping and transporting foods in dishware and platters. To keep your platter intact, seal Stretch-Tite under one edge of the platter, pull the plastic wrap over food and cut it about two or more inches longer than the opposite edge of the platter. Stretch and seal the wrap under the remaining edges of the platter. Stretch-Tite will form a tight, leakproof seal and will keep your food ‘picture perfect’ while you travel.

Refrigerator Storage
Cover foods in bowls, plates and platters or pitchers with Stretch-Tite. Wrap cut fruit or vegetables tightly in Stretch-Tite before refrigerating. Stretch-Tite will prevent food from drying out and prevent transfer of food odors and flavors in the refrigerator.

Freezing Foods Bought in Bulk
Break up or cut bulk meats (steaks, tenderloins, produce, etc.) bought in bulk and wrap in individual or meal size quantities/portions with Stretch-Tite. Allow enough film to fold or overlap the ends, and make sure to wrap the item tightly, squeezing out any excess air before the ends are folded over and under the contents. Removing excess air reduces the development of freezer burn. To prevent freezer burn, double wrap meats and poultry in Stretch-Tite and place in zipper bag for longer-term freezing.

Label each package with the name of the food or meal, date and cooking instructions if it's a meal you’ll want to reheat later.

Thaw food in the refrigerator. Thawing at room temperature is not recommended, as it allows the food to thaw unevenly and encourages bacteria growth. In the time it takes the center of frozen food to defrost, the surface of the food could become warm enough for bacteria to multiply to dangerous levels.

Defrost frozen foods while still wrapped in Stretch-Tite in the refrigerator on a tray. This allows food to absorb ice crystals and retain flavor and moisture.

Cook Once…Eat Several Meals!
Double your favorite recipe and cover the extras with Stretch-Tite. It stretches to form a tight seal and keep foods fresh while refrigerated until ready to eat.

Wrapping Sandwiches…Clean Counters
Stretch-Tite makes wrapping sandwiches even easier. Lay the plastic wrap on the counter, pull the size sheet needed, place the sandwich on the wrap and cut it using your preferred cutting choice. This process makes wrapping sandwiches a breeze. Because of Stretch-Tite’s tight cling, sandwiches will stay together better than when placed inside plastic bags. When unwrapped, the plastic wrap sheet can also serve as a clean eating surface.

Prepare Ahead
Make a meal when you have time. Cover with Stretch-Tite and refrigerate. Stretch-Tite plastic wrap stretches to seal tight to keep food fresh and tasting great even when eaten later.

Leftovers Make Tomorrow’s Dinner Easy
Portion leftovers on individual plates for each person; cover with Stretch-Tite and refrigerate. Family members eating on varying schedules can grab, heat and eat when ready.