Professional Films and Wraps

Professional Films and Wraps

The go-to product for leading chefs and industry experts 

With our exclusive double extrusion processes and high attention to quality, our products are considered "the gold standard" by leading chefs and food industry experts. Custom sizes and orders available.

Meat Film

Preferred oxygen transmission rates allow breathing room for fresh meat to bloom and stay tender. Perfect for dispensers and hot bar wrapping machines.

Produce Film

Excellent clarity promises wrapped foods are easily identifiable and super stretch-to-seal quality maintains freshness. Perfect for dispensers and hot bar wrapping machines.

Cheese Films and Wraps

Added thickness, super stretch and superior cling guarantee welded seals on all cheese products. 

Mile of Film

Benefit from the flexibility in formats and lengths, including: 12” x 5,280’, 15” x 5,280’, 18” x 5,280’, and 24” x 5,280’

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