Blue and Green box of Polyvinyl professional plastic wrap cutter box
Close-up of sandwich being prepared to be wrapped with Stretch-tite

Polyvinyl Films® Cutter Box 18” × 2000’ Professional Wrap

Easy, professional-quality dispensing box

The easy dispensing Polyvinyl Films Cutter Box is a perfect wrapping solution for retail and institutional foodservice professionals. Super-strong, unsurpassed cling properties ensure a tight, secure wrap to seal in freshness and reduce waste. The puncture-resistant film reliably clings to metal, glass, trays, and itself for packing, traveling and storing. 

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Product Reviews

It actually works!

This is the only plastic wrap that actually works! It stretches, it clings like it should and to everything, even under varying temperatures, and it can take some pokes and remains intact.

Dependable and easy-to-use.

Remains as the very best plastic wrap available. High quality and dependability time and time again. Terrific stretch, strength and cling yet easy to handle.

Saves time, saves money.

Excellent product, makes packaging food very easy, and saves money!