Blue box of Freeze-Tite plastic wrap
Hand in freezer pulling out Sarah's Ice Cream with Freeze-Tite

Freeze-Tite® 15” × 250’ Roll

Clear, high-cling freezer wrap

Freeze-Tite is 15" wide for extensive coverage and 50% thicker to seal tightly and lock out freezer air. No need for tape or markers as Freeze-Tite is self-sealing. Additional uses include wrapping silver to avoid tarnishing, preventing paint brushes from drying out, and storing nuts, bolts and small items. Each box includes a dual cutting system: Serrated blade and a reusable TiteCut® slide cutter.

Product Reviews

Order it. And order again!

Great product. A heavy-duty wrap that really protects food in the freezer. I have ordered this wrap twice. Love it.

Freezer burn be gone!

This is a wonderful product that I would not want to be without. Really does protect my frozen items from freezer burn.

Best I have ever used!

Freeze-Tite is great! Thicker than most plastic wraps, it doesn't fold all over itself. It's very easy to rip off a sheet and cover something, and it has very good cling properties so it stays where you put it.