Yellow box of Stretch-Tite plastic wrap
Yellow shopping basket with pineapple and vegetables with hand placing Stretch-Tite in basket

Stretch-Tite® 12” × 250’ case

Premium plastic food wrap – Case of 12 rolls

With its superior quality film, Stretch-Tite guarantees better food preservation and storage. The product’s stretch-to-seal performance keeps food fresher longer and prevents messy spills. BPA-free and phthalate-free, Stretch-Tite is the ideal solution for wrapping leftovers. Each box includes a dual cutting system: Serrated blade and a reusable TiteCut® slide cutter.

Product Reviews

Foolproof and leakproof.

Stretch-Tite is the only wrap I use. It tears off the roll without sticking and seals to whatever I'm working with so it never leaks!

Love this product! Sticks onto desired surface, not on itself.

It may seem odd to get giddy about plastic wrap, but this one makes me smile! It seals well and doesn't cling to itself. It is a heavier thickness than the other popular wraps.

Easy to cut and actually clings!

Stretch-Tite is amazing! The cutter cuts cleanly and without the usual pulling and sawing against that evil finger-slicing saw edge. Stretch-Tite also clings better... I've been using it for everything.